Monday, August 24, 2009

Update at last!

Not much has been going on here. Matts been gone to the fire academy for the last week and only has this week to go. Jesse didnt like that fact very much. He cried for about 30 minutes last weekend when Matt left sunday night. Then was up and down half the night crying. Yea, he missed his daddy. Anyway, we went to the park today with one of the girls from work and her little girl. Coralee's about 3 months younger that Jesse, and they are so cute together. She is always trying to look right at him, then kiss or hug him. She will just lean in slowly towards his face and as soon as he realizes it, hes gone. Its so funny. Here are a few pictures I took from the park.

These are from the Sturgis Park, at Wesley and Tylers birthday party.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4th of July Pictures.....At last!

Ok, I said I was gonna post some pictures, and I am gonna. Here are a few from the 4th of July.

Yea, these are the most recent I have right now. I have some more on my camera, but the batteries are charging. We took the boys down to the creek at the Morgans camphouse in Sturgis. They loved it. It was a beautiful day, the water was cool, clear, and runnin. And we were the only ones who would let their kids play in the creek. Everyone else fussed that their kids were not getting in the nasty water. They loved it!! Anyway, I will post some others from my camera this weekend. I have a cute one of Matt and Jesse working under the kitchen sink replacing the garbage disposal. Jesse was playing with Matts tools, copyin Matt. He had the right idea as of what to do with them, he was just trying to use the screwdriver on the cleaning bottles. Well, I will post more this weekend.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Been a while, hasent it??

Ok, so its been a while. Matt and I have both become addicted to facebook, both of us play farm town, and he plays mafia wars. Apparently we love it, cause we never get off! But as for us, not much has been going on. That whole thing of letting Jesse cry himself to sleep, well it lasted about a week. Daddy REFUSES to listen to his little boy cry and immediately goes to get him. I wont complain about it too much, he usually goes to sleep within 15 minutes of my rocking him. And I enjoy it. But he seems to continue to get his legs popped constantly! Either hes playing in the toilet, kicking, hitting or throwing stuff at Tyler (11 month old cousin), or pulling out all of my ziplock bags! Its like he knows about the terrible twos and hes preparing me! I dont even wanna think about his obsession with the street. When ever we go out front to play, he runs squeling down the sidewalk and into the street. Or playing with the box of roofing nails in the back yard. And then latter in the day in that same corner of the yard, what do I find? Enough to freak me out!! We just killed this thing in my flower bed the other day, and heres another one, but I think a bit bigger! How would you like to find this thing in the same corner where your child was playing!!!!!!!!!!
Yea, and I swear its web was as big as Jesse. I was freaked out. I immediatley made Matt come out and kill it. Had I known it was there, he would have never even been outside. Anyway, I have rambled enough and I am tired. I promise to try and post more, let everyone know whats going on. And I have some cute 4th of July pictures to post later, when I have time!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, danget, its about time! It only took 20 minutes of bloodcurdling screaming, but Jesse went to sleep by himself! I watered my plants, checked on him, then took a shower. Of course when I checked on him, I picked him up, wiped his nose, and told him it was ok. He held his passy, (which he ONLY gets at night time) laid his head on my shoulder, and wimpered a bit. But when I put him back down, uh-ugh...Hes pissed again. His eyes got big, his mouth wide open, and just breating in, collecting that breath to let out that intense scream. Then I blew in his face, and he took a breath. Then I had to blow in his face again. I just left the room and went immediatly to turn on the shower. By the time I got out, I heard him wining, then....nothing. I looked at his monitor real quick. Nothing. No lights running up and down. YES!! I did it!!! Thank You!! Now the only problem...getting Matt to do the same thing when Jesses in there screaming "dadee...dadee...dadee!" I dont think that it will work very long. We will see though. Cause 16 months is past time to learn this. And the times my mom has accomplished it, that boy slept all night long! Not a peep! Thats what I am really looking forward to!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yea, Its been a while!

Ok, yea its been a while. Over a month. Not a whole lot has been going on here. Matts working his butt off, and Jesses runnin wild. I didnt know that Crabtree roofing had stopped doing shingle roofs, and are now turning everyone to "Matthew Wilson Roofing"! Dang, hes been busy! But I must say, no matter how much I fuss about him, I love him to death. He may seem pushy, and demanding, but I love him. The way I see it, he is my husband, and I am his wife. We support each other, and I will always follow where he leads. He may not do the little things that he did before we got married, but I know he loves me.

And you NEVER have to question his love for his son! Man he will work all day in 95 degree weather with Mississippi humidity, and when we all get home, hes down in the floor playing. He gets on all fours and chases Jesse around the house, they sit in the floor in Jesses room and pull toys out. One of the times I wish I had a camera, they both sat in the kitchen floor in front of the open fridge, at 8:30 at night, looking for something to eat. I never expected that this boy would love dill pickels! What made it so funny was while Jesse was eating his pickle, I handed Matt a rag to wipe up the juice. Jesse watched him wipe it up, took the rag himself, and finished wiping up the pickle juice from the kitchen floor! I loved it! Anything daddy does, he has to do. And when I asked Jessse if he was dancing for me. Matt came out in his fire department pants and boots and set Jesse on his feet, bent over holding his hands, and walked around with him.

Anyway, Jesse has done some growing! I noticed this morning that when hes in his car seat, his pj pants stop just below his knees, like hes wearing capries. You have to fight to get his shorts up, and his pj pants no longer stay at his waist cause they wont go that far up! The boys in 18 month clothes right now, and Im thinking about getting him 24 month pjs and shorts. Hes only 16 months old! Hes huge! But its so funny to watch him runnin around here. He has started copyin Lisa when se does her workout in the mornings. You can catch him bent at the knees and bouncing, or rocking left and right. And Matt said earlier today he was runnin around on his tip toes. Hes so fun right now. Now, to get some pictures loaded!

"Superboy", took a fall into the brick mantle at my parents house. As much as we played around that mantle as kids, Jesses the first to hit it.
He knows just where the cookie jar is at my parents.

He knew daddy was hiding his bag of blocks from him.
And you DONT lay on Jesses pillow, sit in his chair, or hug his bunny. They are his, not yours. And he will pull you off of any said items by the hair!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial weekend

Ok, I thought that we were gonna have a wonderful, peaceful weekend fishing on the Louisiana gulf; staying at a camphouse. But when we got there, I was disgusted. A little background. This camphouse is a trailer on stilts, owned by a vietnam buddy of my dads. The caretaker who lives there is 71, and its just him and his large dog; a very well behaved and gentle dog I must add. The front porch is closed in as another room. And when my parents were down last summer, my mom was pleased with teh condition.

We got there about 3 am saturday. My parents, me and Matt, and Jesse. The front porch where we would be sleeping was completley crowded with junk and mosquitoes. The dogs bowls were laying in the middle of the floor with food scattered everywhere and a good size pocket knife laying on the side of a box. The dog was laying on the couch inside, not unexpected. I tried to get Jesse back to sleep inside, but one side of the couch smells strongly of the dog and the other side is just sour. There is stuff piled everywhere and the floor is in bad need of being swept. My dad took Jesse to one of the back rooms where he finally got him asleep.

Now, when we woke up that morning, I saw what I didnt see at 3 am. The stuff piled everywhere is pots and dishes, some clean, some far from it. Caned food and mason jars lining the walls. Bags of rotten potatoes and other...stuff, and boxes of food on a shelf. Cans and bottles covering the counter. A pot of mystery stuff steadily growing mold on the stove. Mouse droppings on the hood over the stove, and of all places, the bed that my dad and Jesse had slept in. Now I really wanted to gag, after removing myself and my 14 month old son who wants to explore everything. I told my mom if it were not rude, and wouldnt embarass my dad, I would pack up and find a hotel. Unfortunatly they were atleast 30 minutes away. Now give me some credit. Jesse and I did sleep in that bed saturday night, but I shook out the sheets and laid some of my blankets down for us to lay on. I can see Leanne and Michelle just shaking their heads here and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Where do I go? I would seriously think that a man expecting company, and bringing a toddler, would pick up SOME!! I need to hush, lord knows who reads this.

Anyway, who can relax? All Jesse heard from us all weekend was "NO NO" to everything. When we got home and Jesse got up monday morning, I just let him pull out everything. I figured he had heard "no" enough for one weekend. Matt got up later and just paused in the doorway looking at the pile of blankets and toys in the living room floor. Jesse saw him and walked to him with a grin on his face. Matt couldnt help but laugh. Needles to say, if I think of going back to the coast, Jesse wont be going.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Craig Springs Memorial......wet and cold!

We have had years when it was hot and dry, and some were wet and muggy. This was the worst. Wet and cold. Add to that the construction work going on at the old church, the gravel drives, holes where stumps once were, now full of rain water, and the constant cold misting rain. It was miserable. We usually eat after church there on the tables under the oak trees. As soon as church let out, everyone scattered. There were not even the number of people there that usually are. During normal weather there are people left outside standing on the steps, (which are no more, there's a ramp). Everyone was huddled inside so the doors could be closed to keep out the breeze. And there was my experience of having an excited toddler in church. We start a song, he wants to sing along, straight through the prayer. But he doesn't sing, he hollers with a grin. We give him a toy, this pleases him for 5 seconds, then its thrown across the isle, landing with a thud in this old wooden church. Here's a cookie. Bad move, this REALLY excites him so he stands on Matt's lap with cookie in hand and crumbs all over grinning and screaming "uhhhhhhh"! We went outside and found papaw walking up. So they played in the car, discovered every knob and button in the car. Thank god he didn't find that one right in the middle of the steering wheel. Anyway, we all scattered. Some of us went up to Friendship church and ate. Others just gathered at ones house and ate. But we went home and called it a day. Jesse took a good nap while I took my good sweet time at Kroger. And Matt wonders why I take so long. But we just kicked back for the rest of the day and had McDonalds for supper and watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." Matt apparently didn't know I had seen this in the theater, so he watched while I went to sleep. My kinda weekend. Wait till next weekend though. Memorial weekend in Houma Louisiana!! Camp house and boats waiting on us, just a few miles from where the shrimp boats dock. Cant wait!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Saturday!

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning! Why? Cause we went yard sale hoppin this morning!! Jesse stayed with my parents last night cause my dad offered to stay with him that morning. I got to my parents at 5:30 and he was wide awake...5:30. We all went. And man did I find some stuff! I was after the rocker glider advertised at a yard sale in Sherwood Forest. First clue that this will likley be in good condition! What did I find? A white rocker glider with blue padding and a matching rocking ottoman. Perfect condition for how old it was. The lady had 2-3 kids in middle school, said she had it with all of them when they were babies. I took it within five minutes, $65. I think that was pretty good! Then a little tikes picnic table for $5 and a two seater stroller for Lisa for $15. Those two need cleaning BAD, but for that much!! I still think they could have at least removed the leaves from the stroller and the old smashed berries from the picnic tabe before setting it out!!

I got Jesse a set of wooden blocks today. I dont know why I didnt get them earlier! I messed with him and started putting them in the bag. He looked at me like "what are you doing? I was playing with those." He immediatly picked them up and started tossing them across the room, hitting my coffee table with them, and hitting them toghether. He really likes throwing stuff right now. But Matt and I both had gotten in the floor with him at different times to play with his blocks. Matt built a big pyrimad with them and it was all he could do to keep Jesse from knocking them down. He would look at them from afar, grin real big and come running at them. Matt held his hand up to stop him while he kept building it and Jesse was leaning into Matts hand stretching his arms out trying to knock over all his blocks! We were both laughing so hard, Matt just let him have them. He grabed the top block, thought about it, then bear huged the whole stack! He loves them. We will just see how long before they are really thrown across the room. Thats when they will be taken away. Well, I am gonna go relax now. Jesses been in bed and I've had a headache most the afternoon. Bye for now!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

Well, I actually had a nice peaceful weekend. Friday night we went to Paps Place in Ackerman for a birthday party. Keep in mind that Matt HATES Paps. The food is ok, its always crowded, you have to fight to get in, get to the food, and then get to the register. Not usually the best place to try and take a baby and all those bags. But some people swear by that place. They love it! I don't understand it. But we went. We got home at 8:30 that night. Jesses bedtime is 8:00. I tell you, that boy was tired! When Matt got him out of his car seat, asleep, he went and sat down on the couch. I came and got him a few minutes later to get him ready for bed. I went to change his diaper and get him in his pj's, and he never woke up. He opened his eyes for a minute and wined when I took his shirt off, but in less than 5 minutes, he was in bed asleep. That baby was tired!

Saturday I had to work. That sucked. But it wasn't that bad. My mom took Jesse, and the morning flew by. Nice how it does that when you stay busy. But when I got off, I went to pick up Jesse, and I found him passed out cold on the couch with my dad, who also was out cold. Now that was a priceless sight! Yes I got a picture. Its on my phone and I will try and get it on here. Thankfully I was able to get him home and in his bed without waking him completely. He slept for two hours. Now that was a nice nap! When I went to check on him, he was up, had his mobile going, and had pulled off all of the plastic covers from the railing...again! I put those on there so he wouldn't chew up the railing. Well, he chewed up the sideboards of his crib, teeth marks everywhere. The plastic covers he just pulls off and tosses them around the room. It was cute though. I stepped in and could see him standing in his bed crouched down at his knees, watching me with his head down. I walked in and bent to the side to see him at his level, then stood up and looked down at him. That boy had his head facing straight ahead and looked up at me for a second, then grinned and threw his arms up for me to pick him up. Apparently he was ready to get out of bed!

We went to Wal Mart and bought some more fish, ours ate himself to death. Went to sonic for me a late lunch, then to Cellular South for a memory card for my new phone. That's where the tantrums started. Of course it rained half the weekend, so we couldn't go outside to play. I set him down while I spoke to the lady about cards, cause who wants to hold a wiggling 27 pound boy? He took off. The front of the store is all glass windows, and he really loves to go outside. He stands at the doors beating his hands on them, looking at me, hollering "ahhh, ahhhh". Every time I pick him up he bends all the way over so I have to set him down before he falls out of my arms. So he's down again to take of on an adventure of Cellular South. I grab him running behind the counter, he lays back over in my arms. Then when I grab his had to try and make him come with me, he does it again. But this time, before I can catch him, he falls back and hits that thick head of his. Imagine that. My son hit his head, again. I am surprised there's no brain damage. So here I am in Cellular South with my son who wants nothing but to go outside and play, or explore the store, and he's crying, loudly, in my arms cause he hit his head. We went home to put the fish away, then went to Kroger for groceries. Thankfully he calmed down. So I thought. At least he wasn't crying in Kroger. He was just yelling for da-tee, or just yelling period. He turns around in the buggy playing with the bag of frozen biscuits. He throws his cup in the floor, then goes back to yelling. Guess what? I got a toddler, and he's driving me nuts! But I still love him.

But Sunday was just so laid-back. I wanted to go to church so bad. Matt didn't want to get out in the rain, and it had been thundering alot that morning. Matt let me sleep in and brought Jesse in the room about 7:45 and laid him on top of me hollering "happy mommies day!" How can I not wanna get up to that! I got me a pretty rose bush from Jesse, and Matt. "Jesse" even found someone to come and plant it for me, cause you know if I plant it, I'm not gonna dig deep enough or replace the clay. Then it will die. But I got me a pretty reddish-pink rose bush, that according to Matt will bloom all year long.You gotta like that! We went and ate lunch with my parents and mamaw, then went home for the afternoon, kicked back and relaxed. I loved it! Now, if this week will only go that nice!! Ha, fat chance....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can we get anymore boring?!!?

I don't know if things can get any more slow and boring. Wait, summers coming and then it will be worse. From all the foreign customers who smell so bad you have to take a deep breath, to the ones who take 10 minutes to make one small deposit. I need to shut up and be happy I have a job. I'm gonna go now. Lol...

Monday, May 4, 2009


Allright!! I got me a blackberry!! Now I can post anytime. Aint ya proud of me Leanne? I'll!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A quick update...

A bit that has been going on here, Jesse has discovered temper tantums. And I am going to pull my hair out. And Matt has stated that when Jesse is old enough for spanking, for him to be reminded of the past week. I laughed cause I have already started smacking his legs. And you yell at him about anything and his feelings get hurt. Today he spent about 30 minutes in the kitchen floor crying back and forth. I was trying to cut up a canteloupe and had the trash can pulled out. Jesse of course thought this would be fun to play with. So he got is hands smacked. Then theres chewing on the cabinet doors, trying to suck on the nobs on the cabinets, biting my knuckles while covering the handle bar of the buggy in kroger, you name it. He got mad last night when my dad left the room so he started climbing over the side of the couch. I LIGHTLY smacked his butt and stated that he knew how to get off of the couch right. I hurt his feelings so he went to the other side of the room and cried. He will be ok. I have to tell myself this. He will be ok. He can cry, and learn that crying dosent get you everything that you want. I will just keep telling myself this. That boy has lungs.

Wanna know who I got to see last weekend?? HA!! I was so EXCITED!!!


That man loves this pose. And I am sorry, I dont care how much my mom laughed at me, but dang! If those pants were any tighter, that skole can woulda cut through that pocket!!

Wanna see some more pictures? Cause I took alot! That is one big man! And some of his coments, oh he was good. Lets see what did he say...about his song "I wanna marry for money"..."this is my economic stimulus plan!", "There were many complaints to capitol records about this song. I didnt know what to say. I'm sorry...I'm just really...I dont know what to say...I just dont give a shit!" and about the song "Girls just love country boys", some wanted to know what he got out of his experience on "The Apprentice", "well, girls really DO love country boys!". He just had and overall good show! And the fact that he looks good added to it! LOL!

Easter 2009

Well, I may be late in getting this on here, but I finally have. Easter was fun, it was Jesses second, but this year he wasnt asleep in his bouncer! We hunted eggs, ate alot of chocolate with papaw, and didnt take a nap all day long. That was a long day! Jesse got a Big Bubble Bucket and a big bouncy ball all his own. He tries to chew on his bubble wands so I really dont let him play with it much yet. But his ball, he likes. He will grin real big and take off after it, then throw it to the side. We went to Kenny and Lisas for lunch and an egg hunt. The little kids found their eggs, then the other kids a bit older, then the rest of us! Yes, I hunted eggs, along with my mom and brother. You know why? The metallic eggs had $$$$! And my mom climed a tree for $5. I got it on video, and if I can ever figure out, I will post it on here. Along with other fun videos. But here are a few pics from easter.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hows this cake?

So many liked my mickey mouse cake, so what do yall think of this one I made for a friends baby shower?

Its a Berry Tiramisu Cake. My friend loves tiramisu but only a few of us at work like coffee. This dosent have coffee, but it uses berries, and a juice from them drizzled over the cake. Everyone loved it! I really enjoyed makeing it, its fun. But heres the recepie for anyone who wants to try it.

Jesse got a hair cut

We took Jesse for his second hair cut this weekend. He's so good. He dosent fuss, or cry. He just sits there and watches us. But the lady that cut it...We walked in and the ladys exchanged this look that said "oh crap, a baby" Matt and I both saw it. Matt wanted to turn around and leave. They couldnt even decide who was gonna do the job. Kept saying it was the others turn for walk-ins. She had to face fact when I asked her if she had ever seen a child that young sit that still for a hair cut. She hadnt. I wanted to laugh at her. But he looks like such a handsome little boy now!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Birthday Party!

Ok, I finally got pictures from my moms camera. Here are some pictures from Jesses birthday party.

And just check out this cake that I made, Im so proud of it!!

It was interesting making it. The top layer was yellow, middle was white, and the bottom was chocolate. Dont know if I will do fondant icing again though. It was more difficult than I realized. The other two were homemade buttercream icing that just makes a regular cake mix WONDERFUL. Took two days to fininsh it. But it was fun!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday and other Pics!

I said I would post some birthday pictures, and these are just from my camera. The better ones are on my moms. I will get those when I get them. This was at home, where he really dived into his cake, unfortunatly my batteries died and the rest is on the camcorder. On the other hand, at my parents for his party, he didnt really get into it. Too many people I guess.

Matt thought he needed some help eating.Uncle Clay taught us how to act like a monkey (as if he didnt already know).

This face means "I have had enough, I wanna play with it now."

He likes to play with his blanket, really just drag it aroud, wrap it around his neck, and throw it over his head. But then he does that with matts socks, his pj's, my shirt, anything he can find.

But then, danget, once again, he busted it. First his forhead sunday morning before church, then his mouth at Anna baby shower, then his face on the side of the tub, ...(breath) now his chin on the coffee table. He steped on his blanket standing next to the table, then busted it. No blood this time! Annas baby shower was enough. Busted his lip on the lobby floor and bled everywhere, or atleast I thought so.
Hes ok, he just hit his chin real good. The boy needs a face mask and helmet!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok, here are a few new pictures of this boy. Here soon I will try and get some from his birthday on here. This boy is so full of it! He is getting spoiled rotten, and is such a mommas boy its crazy! In the mornings, Matt seems to enjoy getting him out of bed and leaving him in the bathroom with me while I try and get ready for work, while he LEAVES for work. Now my mornings are spent with each leg in front of the two cabinet doors cause he wants the body wash out of there. But before we get to that point, hes beating his hands on the side of the tub and screaming at it. Thats one guarenteed way to find him in the house. Go turn on the water in the tub; he comes running. After that, he sits in the floor deciding what to play with, his ring, toliet paper(that he sneaks from somewhere!), or something from the trashcan. When he gets mad cause I only let him have his ring, he walks out crying, quickly coming back to wedge himself between me and the cabinet doors. Now he starts burying his face in my pants leg, still pushing himself in there, and possibly trying to climb up my leg. Now I have to leave the house at 7, and usually about this time I look at the clock to see that it is 6:50 and I just finished my makeup, throw a brush through my hair, pull on my shirt and shoes, grab him and hope that I got his bag together the night before(this occasianlly happens). I still have to hunt my phone, purse, and his bag, wondering if I had changed his diaper cause of course if daddy were to do this, then we would have to have him checked (this NEVER happenes). By now Jesse is just crying in the kithen floor cause I have set him down to find stuff, so I say the heck with it and go to the truck and leave. Backing out of the driveway, I remeber, I have had no breakfast. Do I go to hardees again? Or do I stil have stuff in the freezer at work? I pray I do, cause I am tire of fast food. Thats my morning. Sure cant wait till I can tell him to just go to his room and play for 15 minutes :) I like saturdays, apparently then he can stand to play by himself, and occasianlly run to me for a minuet. Oh well....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

My babys turned one!! Its been a while, so I will update kinda quickly. Jesses walking, and man is he walking! He started taking steps on valentines day, and about a week or two later, he was gone! Every now and then he will sit down and crawl, but he is walking really good. He went flying one night last week. Without daddy. At 11 at night, Matt got fed up with him wantin to play so he went to his crib to cry it out. Matt closed the hall door and we went to bed. Long story short, stupid me still had the mattress at the middle level and he was mad enough that when his foot got up on the bumper pad, he went straight over. He had been crying the whole time but he sounded like he was moving so I went to check. I found him in the hall way in tears. Hes ok. Matt checked him out after he made me go away and sit down (forgot for a moment hes an EMT). Woke up the next morning with a nasty bruise on his forehead and what I thought was the beginning of a black eye. Needless to say that he slept with me on the couch all night. I cried myself to sleep.

He had his first haircut! He did so good, didnt fus or grab for the sissors. Even when she pulled out the electric razor, he was fine with it. And at his check up, when the nurse stuck his finger to draw blood, he just looked at her. No crying or fussing. I was so proud of him!! And hes 27 pounds! BIG BOY!! He got his first birthday cake last night. That was priceless, and yes I had the camcorder on him. It didnt last 5 seconds, and he had his fists in it. Had two fist fulls of cake and icing. And just kept throwing his fist in the air like he just won a prize, then shoving it in his mouth. Then we went and had our pictures made today, they are gonna be so cute!! Thats about it for now. Check back in a week for birthday pictures!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Man, we are all sick. Jesse's had a pretty bad sounding cough, but its not anything serious. I'm trying to catch cold, and Matt's got it bad, for him. Someone who, when he is sick, is over it in just a few days. Hes had this for a week and woke up this morning not able to talk hardly. Nedless to say we are not keeping nursery tomorrow. Jesses medicine seems to knock him out though. I feel like the nurse here, just stoped up and coughing, with all of these sick guys here. Well, oughta be a fun weekend!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, I just got put out of my house. Matts playing poker tonite so Jesse and I went to my moms. Jesse use to like getting a bath, now he dosent like to lay down, wants to roll over in the water, and rubs soap all in his eyes. Then trying to get him dressed is just as bad. Screams and fusses and fights at every turn. Dosent do that anyother time. Just at night. But as soon as I get him dressed, hes fine. Then he wants his bottle.

Anyway, this boy is pulling up on EVERYTHING! My leg, the coffee table, entertainment center, chairs. Now hes startin to open cabinets in the kitchen. I got some baby-proofing to do! And puts everything in his mouth. Its sometimes a 2 second thing; finds something, pick it up, spit out the passy and stick it in the mouth. He deffintly knows what no means. He just dosent like to hear it. When I get mad and tell him no real loud, he sits back, starts turnin red, and fusses.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hi there!!

Well, here I am. We'll see how often I actuall get on here. Just a tidbit of information here. We got our new furniture yesterday, I LOVE IT!!! Its gorgous! I am so happy, we have matching bedroom furniture now. I think Jesse has pink eye, both of his eyes have drainage in them and are all red underneath the eyes. He keeps rubbing them like they itch. And of course you cant get a real good look cause hes 10 months old and just dosent want you to. Matt taught him how to growl yesterday. Its adorable! Sounds like hes laughing and hissing at the same time. Hes also pulling up on EVERYTHING. Hasent knocked his head yet, sure thats gonna happen soon though. Well, we will see how soon it is before I get back to here!