Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, danget, its about time! It only took 20 minutes of bloodcurdling screaming, but Jesse went to sleep by himself! I watered my plants, checked on him, then took a shower. Of course when I checked on him, I picked him up, wiped his nose, and told him it was ok. He held his passy, (which he ONLY gets at night time) laid his head on my shoulder, and wimpered a bit. But when I put him back down, uh-ugh...Hes pissed again. His eyes got big, his mouth wide open, and just breating in, collecting that breath to let out that intense scream. Then I blew in his face, and he took a breath. Then I had to blow in his face again. I just left the room and went immediatly to turn on the shower. By the time I got out, I heard him wining, then....nothing. I looked at his monitor real quick. Nothing. No lights running up and down. YES!! I did it!!! Thank You!! Now the only problem...getting Matt to do the same thing when Jesses in there screaming "dadee...dadee...dadee!" I dont think that it will work very long. We will see though. Cause 16 months is past time to learn this. And the times my mom has accomplished it, that boy slept all night long! Not a peep! Thats what I am really looking forward to!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yea, Its been a while!

Ok, yea its been a while. Over a month. Not a whole lot has been going on here. Matts working his butt off, and Jesses runnin wild. I didnt know that Crabtree roofing had stopped doing shingle roofs, and are now turning everyone to "Matthew Wilson Roofing"! Dang, hes been busy! But I must say, no matter how much I fuss about him, I love him to death. He may seem pushy, and demanding, but I love him. The way I see it, he is my husband, and I am his wife. We support each other, and I will always follow where he leads. He may not do the little things that he did before we got married, but I know he loves me.

And you NEVER have to question his love for his son! Man he will work all day in 95 degree weather with Mississippi humidity, and when we all get home, hes down in the floor playing. He gets on all fours and chases Jesse around the house, they sit in the floor in Jesses room and pull toys out. One of the times I wish I had a camera, they both sat in the kitchen floor in front of the open fridge, at 8:30 at night, looking for something to eat. I never expected that this boy would love dill pickels! What made it so funny was while Jesse was eating his pickle, I handed Matt a rag to wipe up the juice. Jesse watched him wipe it up, took the rag himself, and finished wiping up the pickle juice from the kitchen floor! I loved it! Anything daddy does, he has to do. And when I asked Jessse if he was dancing for me. Matt came out in his fire department pants and boots and set Jesse on his feet, bent over holding his hands, and walked around with him.

Anyway, Jesse has done some growing! I noticed this morning that when hes in his car seat, his pj pants stop just below his knees, like hes wearing capries. You have to fight to get his shorts up, and his pj pants no longer stay at his waist cause they wont go that far up! The boys in 18 month clothes right now, and Im thinking about getting him 24 month pjs and shorts. Hes only 16 months old! Hes huge! But its so funny to watch him runnin around here. He has started copyin Lisa when se does her workout in the mornings. You can catch him bent at the knees and bouncing, or rocking left and right. And Matt said earlier today he was runnin around on his tip toes. Hes so fun right now. Now, to get some pictures loaded!

"Superboy", took a fall into the brick mantle at my parents house. As much as we played around that mantle as kids, Jesses the first to hit it.
He knows just where the cookie jar is at my parents.

He knew daddy was hiding his bag of blocks from him.
And you DONT lay on Jesses pillow, sit in his chair, or hug his bunny. They are his, not yours. And he will pull you off of any said items by the hair!!