Friday, February 19, 2010


It has been a while now hasent it! All I can say is that we havent had a working computer at the house since Thanksgiving. Matt just went and bought a laptop the other day. If we had anything we needed, or wanted to do on the internet, we went to my parents. Now I gotta get use to a laptop. Well, anyway, here are some updates!

This past Christmas was really fun. jesse got a small power wheeles, that we really couldnt get him off of. He also got a Micky Mouse tent that was ALOT bigger than I thought, and has not come down yet. Good thing we have a large living room. We had to all climb into his tent just so he could open his presents, he wouldnt come out. Even still, its his hiding place. Except that when he is hiding he is usually just getting in or out of the tub so hes butt naked and I have to drag him out. He loves it though.

Jesse has been back and forth sick here and there. We had to take him to the er one night, his breathing was sounding so labored. When your emt husband says at 11 pm that we're going to the er, I start to worry. But everything was ok. He got a breathing treatment that night and went to see his doctor the next day. But since the, he has been back and forth. He will be fine for a few weeks, then hes got a cold for a few days. Then again hes fine for a week or two, then hes not eating anything and throwing up for three days in a row. Generally hes been fine. We have just had crazy weather. As our electric bill keeps telling us!

Heres a list of words that we can actually recognize: ma, da, maw, uck (duck), woof (with his mouth closed), uh-oh, up, bite, ear, beep (nose). I think thats about it. Hes gonna be 2 March 4 and thats all that he will say. Ughhh is his universal word. Hes got a stoubbrn bit to him and he just wont talk. But anyway, thats really whats been gone. I will get back on here in a few days and post some pictures!