Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hi there!!

Well, here I am. We'll see how often I actuall get on here. Just a tidbit of information here. We got our new furniture yesterday, I LOVE IT!!! Its gorgous! I am so happy, we have matching bedroom furniture now. I think Jesse has pink eye, both of his eyes have drainage in them and are all red underneath the eyes. He keeps rubbing them like they itch. And of course you cant get a real good look cause hes 10 months old and just dosent want you to. Matt taught him how to growl yesterday. Its adorable! Sounds like hes laughing and hissing at the same time. Hes also pulling up on EVERYTHING. Hasent knocked his head yet, sure thats gonna happen soon though. Well, we will see how soon it is before I get back to here!

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