Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well, I just got put out of my house. Matts playing poker tonite so Jesse and I went to my moms. Jesse use to like getting a bath, now he dosent like to lay down, wants to roll over in the water, and rubs soap all in his eyes. Then trying to get him dressed is just as bad. Screams and fusses and fights at every turn. Dosent do that anyother time. Just at night. But as soon as I get him dressed, hes fine. Then he wants his bottle.

Anyway, this boy is pulling up on EVERYTHING! My leg, the coffee table, entertainment center, chairs. Now hes startin to open cabinets in the kitchen. I got some baby-proofing to do! And puts everything in his mouth. Its sometimes a 2 second thing; finds something, pick it up, spit out the passy and stick it in the mouth. He deffintly knows what no means. He just dosent like to hear it. When I get mad and tell him no real loud, he sits back, starts turnin red, and fusses.

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