Friday, February 19, 2010


It has been a while now hasent it! All I can say is that we havent had a working computer at the house since Thanksgiving. Matt just went and bought a laptop the other day. If we had anything we needed, or wanted to do on the internet, we went to my parents. Now I gotta get use to a laptop. Well, anyway, here are some updates!

This past Christmas was really fun. jesse got a small power wheeles, that we really couldnt get him off of. He also got a Micky Mouse tent that was ALOT bigger than I thought, and has not come down yet. Good thing we have a large living room. We had to all climb into his tent just so he could open his presents, he wouldnt come out. Even still, its his hiding place. Except that when he is hiding he is usually just getting in or out of the tub so hes butt naked and I have to drag him out. He loves it though.

Jesse has been back and forth sick here and there. We had to take him to the er one night, his breathing was sounding so labored. When your emt husband says at 11 pm that we're going to the er, I start to worry. But everything was ok. He got a breathing treatment that night and went to see his doctor the next day. But since the, he has been back and forth. He will be fine for a few weeks, then hes got a cold for a few days. Then again hes fine for a week or two, then hes not eating anything and throwing up for three days in a row. Generally hes been fine. We have just had crazy weather. As our electric bill keeps telling us!

Heres a list of words that we can actually recognize: ma, da, maw, uck (duck), woof (with his mouth closed), uh-oh, up, bite, ear, beep (nose). I think thats about it. Hes gonna be 2 March 4 and thats all that he will say. Ughhh is his universal word. Hes got a stoubbrn bit to him and he just wont talk. But anyway, thats really whats been gone. I will get back on here in a few days and post some pictures!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Update at last!

Not much has been going on here. Matts been gone to the fire academy for the last week and only has this week to go. Jesse didnt like that fact very much. He cried for about 30 minutes last weekend when Matt left sunday night. Then was up and down half the night crying. Yea, he missed his daddy. Anyway, we went to the park today with one of the girls from work and her little girl. Coralee's about 3 months younger that Jesse, and they are so cute together. She is always trying to look right at him, then kiss or hug him. She will just lean in slowly towards his face and as soon as he realizes it, hes gone. Its so funny. Here are a few pictures I took from the park.

These are from the Sturgis Park, at Wesley and Tylers birthday party.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

4th of July Pictures.....At last!

Ok, I said I was gonna post some pictures, and I am gonna. Here are a few from the 4th of July.

Yea, these are the most recent I have right now. I have some more on my camera, but the batteries are charging. We took the boys down to the creek at the Morgans camphouse in Sturgis. They loved it. It was a beautiful day, the water was cool, clear, and runnin. And we were the only ones who would let their kids play in the creek. Everyone else fussed that their kids were not getting in the nasty water. They loved it!! Anyway, I will post some others from my camera this weekend. I have a cute one of Matt and Jesse working under the kitchen sink replacing the garbage disposal. Jesse was playing with Matts tools, copyin Matt. He had the right idea as of what to do with them, he was just trying to use the screwdriver on the cleaning bottles. Well, I will post more this weekend.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Been a while, hasent it??

Ok, so its been a while. Matt and I have both become addicted to facebook, both of us play farm town, and he plays mafia wars. Apparently we love it, cause we never get off! But as for us, not much has been going on. That whole thing of letting Jesse cry himself to sleep, well it lasted about a week. Daddy REFUSES to listen to his little boy cry and immediately goes to get him. I wont complain about it too much, he usually goes to sleep within 15 minutes of my rocking him. And I enjoy it. But he seems to continue to get his legs popped constantly! Either hes playing in the toilet, kicking, hitting or throwing stuff at Tyler (11 month old cousin), or pulling out all of my ziplock bags! Its like he knows about the terrible twos and hes preparing me! I dont even wanna think about his obsession with the street. When ever we go out front to play, he runs squeling down the sidewalk and into the street. Or playing with the box of roofing nails in the back yard. And then latter in the day in that same corner of the yard, what do I find? Enough to freak me out!! We just killed this thing in my flower bed the other day, and heres another one, but I think a bit bigger! How would you like to find this thing in the same corner where your child was playing!!!!!!!!!!
Yea, and I swear its web was as big as Jesse. I was freaked out. I immediatley made Matt come out and kill it. Had I known it was there, he would have never even been outside. Anyway, I have rambled enough and I am tired. I promise to try and post more, let everyone know whats going on. And I have some cute 4th of July pictures to post later, when I have time!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, danget, its about time! It only took 20 minutes of bloodcurdling screaming, but Jesse went to sleep by himself! I watered my plants, checked on him, then took a shower. Of course when I checked on him, I picked him up, wiped his nose, and told him it was ok. He held his passy, (which he ONLY gets at night time) laid his head on my shoulder, and wimpered a bit. But when I put him back down, uh-ugh...Hes pissed again. His eyes got big, his mouth wide open, and just breating in, collecting that breath to let out that intense scream. Then I blew in his face, and he took a breath. Then I had to blow in his face again. I just left the room and went immediatly to turn on the shower. By the time I got out, I heard him wining, then....nothing. I looked at his monitor real quick. Nothing. No lights running up and down. YES!! I did it!!! Thank You!! Now the only problem...getting Matt to do the same thing when Jesses in there screaming "dadee...dadee...dadee!" I dont think that it will work very long. We will see though. Cause 16 months is past time to learn this. And the times my mom has accomplished it, that boy slept all night long! Not a peep! Thats what I am really looking forward to!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yea, Its been a while!

Ok, yea its been a while. Over a month. Not a whole lot has been going on here. Matts working his butt off, and Jesses runnin wild. I didnt know that Crabtree roofing had stopped doing shingle roofs, and are now turning everyone to "Matthew Wilson Roofing"! Dang, hes been busy! But I must say, no matter how much I fuss about him, I love him to death. He may seem pushy, and demanding, but I love him. The way I see it, he is my husband, and I am his wife. We support each other, and I will always follow where he leads. He may not do the little things that he did before we got married, but I know he loves me.

And you NEVER have to question his love for his son! Man he will work all day in 95 degree weather with Mississippi humidity, and when we all get home, hes down in the floor playing. He gets on all fours and chases Jesse around the house, they sit in the floor in Jesses room and pull toys out. One of the times I wish I had a camera, they both sat in the kitchen floor in front of the open fridge, at 8:30 at night, looking for something to eat. I never expected that this boy would love dill pickels! What made it so funny was while Jesse was eating his pickle, I handed Matt a rag to wipe up the juice. Jesse watched him wipe it up, took the rag himself, and finished wiping up the pickle juice from the kitchen floor! I loved it! Anything daddy does, he has to do. And when I asked Jessse if he was dancing for me. Matt came out in his fire department pants and boots and set Jesse on his feet, bent over holding his hands, and walked around with him.

Anyway, Jesse has done some growing! I noticed this morning that when hes in his car seat, his pj pants stop just below his knees, like hes wearing capries. You have to fight to get his shorts up, and his pj pants no longer stay at his waist cause they wont go that far up! The boys in 18 month clothes right now, and Im thinking about getting him 24 month pjs and shorts. Hes only 16 months old! Hes huge! But its so funny to watch him runnin around here. He has started copyin Lisa when se does her workout in the mornings. You can catch him bent at the knees and bouncing, or rocking left and right. And Matt said earlier today he was runnin around on his tip toes. Hes so fun right now. Now, to get some pictures loaded!

"Superboy", took a fall into the brick mantle at my parents house. As much as we played around that mantle as kids, Jesses the first to hit it.
He knows just where the cookie jar is at my parents.

He knew daddy was hiding his bag of blocks from him.
And you DONT lay on Jesses pillow, sit in his chair, or hug his bunny. They are his, not yours. And he will pull you off of any said items by the hair!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial weekend

Ok, I thought that we were gonna have a wonderful, peaceful weekend fishing on the Louisiana gulf; staying at a camphouse. But when we got there, I was disgusted. A little background. This camphouse is a trailer on stilts, owned by a vietnam buddy of my dads. The caretaker who lives there is 71, and its just him and his large dog; a very well behaved and gentle dog I must add. The front porch is closed in as another room. And when my parents were down last summer, my mom was pleased with teh condition.

We got there about 3 am saturday. My parents, me and Matt, and Jesse. The front porch where we would be sleeping was completley crowded with junk and mosquitoes. The dogs bowls were laying in the middle of the floor with food scattered everywhere and a good size pocket knife laying on the side of a box. The dog was laying on the couch inside, not unexpected. I tried to get Jesse back to sleep inside, but one side of the couch smells strongly of the dog and the other side is just sour. There is stuff piled everywhere and the floor is in bad need of being swept. My dad took Jesse to one of the back rooms where he finally got him asleep.

Now, when we woke up that morning, I saw what I didnt see at 3 am. The stuff piled everywhere is pots and dishes, some clean, some far from it. Caned food and mason jars lining the walls. Bags of rotten potatoes and other...stuff, and boxes of food on a shelf. Cans and bottles covering the counter. A pot of mystery stuff steadily growing mold on the stove. Mouse droppings on the hood over the stove, and of all places, the bed that my dad and Jesse had slept in. Now I really wanted to gag, after removing myself and my 14 month old son who wants to explore everything. I told my mom if it were not rude, and wouldnt embarass my dad, I would pack up and find a hotel. Unfortunatly they were atleast 30 minutes away. Now give me some credit. Jesse and I did sleep in that bed saturday night, but I shook out the sheets and laid some of my blankets down for us to lay on. I can see Leanne and Michelle just shaking their heads here and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Where do I go? I would seriously think that a man expecting company, and bringing a toddler, would pick up SOME!! I need to hush, lord knows who reads this.

Anyway, who can relax? All Jesse heard from us all weekend was "NO NO" to everything. When we got home and Jesse got up monday morning, I just let him pull out everything. I figured he had heard "no" enough for one weekend. Matt got up later and just paused in the doorway looking at the pile of blankets and toys in the living room floor. Jesse saw him and walked to him with a grin on his face. Matt couldnt help but laugh. Needles to say, if I think of going back to the coast, Jesse wont be going.