Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter 2009

Well, I may be late in getting this on here, but I finally have. Easter was fun, it was Jesses second, but this year he wasnt asleep in his bouncer! We hunted eggs, ate alot of chocolate with papaw, and didnt take a nap all day long. That was a long day! Jesse got a Big Bubble Bucket and a big bouncy ball all his own. He tries to chew on his bubble wands so I really dont let him play with it much yet. But his ball, he likes. He will grin real big and take off after it, then throw it to the side. We went to Kenny and Lisas for lunch and an egg hunt. The little kids found their eggs, then the other kids a bit older, then the rest of us! Yes, I hunted eggs, along with my mom and brother. You know why? The metallic eggs had $$$$! And my mom climed a tree for $5. I got it on video, and if I can ever figure out, I will post it on here. Along with other fun videos. But here are a few pics from easter.

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