Saturday, April 25, 2009

A quick update...

A bit that has been going on here, Jesse has discovered temper tantums. And I am going to pull my hair out. And Matt has stated that when Jesse is old enough for spanking, for him to be reminded of the past week. I laughed cause I have already started smacking his legs. And you yell at him about anything and his feelings get hurt. Today he spent about 30 minutes in the kitchen floor crying back and forth. I was trying to cut up a canteloupe and had the trash can pulled out. Jesse of course thought this would be fun to play with. So he got is hands smacked. Then theres chewing on the cabinet doors, trying to suck on the nobs on the cabinets, biting my knuckles while covering the handle bar of the buggy in kroger, you name it. He got mad last night when my dad left the room so he started climbing over the side of the couch. I LIGHTLY smacked his butt and stated that he knew how to get off of the couch right. I hurt his feelings so he went to the other side of the room and cried. He will be ok. I have to tell myself this. He will be ok. He can cry, and learn that crying dosent get you everything that you want. I will just keep telling myself this. That boy has lungs.

Wanna know who I got to see last weekend?? HA!! I was so EXCITED!!!


That man loves this pose. And I am sorry, I dont care how much my mom laughed at me, but dang! If those pants were any tighter, that skole can woulda cut through that pocket!!

Wanna see some more pictures? Cause I took alot! That is one big man! And some of his coments, oh he was good. Lets see what did he say...about his song "I wanna marry for money"..."this is my economic stimulus plan!", "There were many complaints to capitol records about this song. I didnt know what to say. I'm sorry...I'm just really...I dont know what to say...I just dont give a shit!" and about the song "Girls just love country boys", some wanted to know what he got out of his experience on "The Apprentice", "well, girls really DO love country boys!". He just had and overall good show! And the fact that he looks good added to it! LOL!

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  1. Hey girly! Good to see you today!! Your sweet baby so a handsome little chunky monkey! I love those blue eyes!!! But, I really just cannot believe for a minute that he would EVER throw a tantrum!! :)Glad things are going good for you!!