Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well, danget, its about time! It only took 20 minutes of bloodcurdling screaming, but Jesse went to sleep by himself! I watered my plants, checked on him, then took a shower. Of course when I checked on him, I picked him up, wiped his nose, and told him it was ok. He held his passy, (which he ONLY gets at night time) laid his head on my shoulder, and wimpered a bit. But when I put him back down, uh-ugh...Hes pissed again. His eyes got big, his mouth wide open, and just breating in, collecting that breath to let out that intense scream. Then I blew in his face, and he took a breath. Then I had to blow in his face again. I just left the room and went immediatly to turn on the shower. By the time I got out, I heard him wining, then....nothing. I looked at his monitor real quick. Nothing. No lights running up and down. YES!! I did it!!! Thank You!! Now the only problem...getting Matt to do the same thing when Jesses in there screaming "dadee...dadee...dadee!" I dont think that it will work very long. We will see though. Cause 16 months is past time to learn this. And the times my mom has accomplished it, that boy slept all night long! Not a peep! Thats what I am really looking forward to!

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  1. Congrats. Walking awa and letting them scream is a harder lesson for US than it is for them. And it is SOOOOOO temping to run and get them when they are "singing" your name and being SO stinking sweet, but they must learn to self sooth and go to sleep ALONE! It will bennifit you in the long run!