Monday, August 3, 2009

Been a while, hasent it??

Ok, so its been a while. Matt and I have both become addicted to facebook, both of us play farm town, and he plays mafia wars. Apparently we love it, cause we never get off! But as for us, not much has been going on. That whole thing of letting Jesse cry himself to sleep, well it lasted about a week. Daddy REFUSES to listen to his little boy cry and immediately goes to get him. I wont complain about it too much, he usually goes to sleep within 15 minutes of my rocking him. And I enjoy it. But he seems to continue to get his legs popped constantly! Either hes playing in the toilet, kicking, hitting or throwing stuff at Tyler (11 month old cousin), or pulling out all of my ziplock bags! Its like he knows about the terrible twos and hes preparing me! I dont even wanna think about his obsession with the street. When ever we go out front to play, he runs squeling down the sidewalk and into the street. Or playing with the box of roofing nails in the back yard. And then latter in the day in that same corner of the yard, what do I find? Enough to freak me out!! We just killed this thing in my flower bed the other day, and heres another one, but I think a bit bigger! How would you like to find this thing in the same corner where your child was playing!!!!!!!!!!
Yea, and I swear its web was as big as Jesse. I was freaked out. I immediatley made Matt come out and kill it. Had I known it was there, he would have never even been outside. Anyway, I have rambled enough and I am tired. I promise to try and post more, let everyone know whats going on. And I have some cute 4th of July pictures to post later, when I have time!

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  1. I think I win when it comes to wildlife!! We have had a Black Widow in the middle of the kitchen floor. Both Jack and WIll missed picking it up by seconds. We also had a snake in the pantry that apparently ate one of the two mice that we had for over a week!! Oh and deer seem to like to graze in our front yard!!!