Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday and other Pics!

I said I would post some birthday pictures, and these are just from my camera. The better ones are on my moms. I will get those when I get them. This was at home, where he really dived into his cake, unfortunatly my batteries died and the rest is on the camcorder. On the other hand, at my parents for his party, he didnt really get into it. Too many people I guess.

Matt thought he needed some help eating.Uncle Clay taught us how to act like a monkey (as if he didnt already know).

This face means "I have had enough, I wanna play with it now."

He likes to play with his blanket, really just drag it aroud, wrap it around his neck, and throw it over his head. But then he does that with matts socks, his pj's, my shirt, anything he can find.

But then, danget, once again, he busted it. First his forhead sunday morning before church, then his mouth at Anna baby shower, then his face on the side of the tub, ...(breath) now his chin on the coffee table. He steped on his blanket standing next to the table, then busted it. No blood this time! Annas baby shower was enough. Busted his lip on the lobby floor and bled everywhere, or atleast I thought so.
Hes ok, he just hit his chin real good. The boy needs a face mask and helmet!!

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