Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ok, here are a few new pictures of this boy. Here soon I will try and get some from his birthday on here. This boy is so full of it! He is getting spoiled rotten, and is such a mommas boy its crazy! In the mornings, Matt seems to enjoy getting him out of bed and leaving him in the bathroom with me while I try and get ready for work, while he LEAVES for work. Now my mornings are spent with each leg in front of the two cabinet doors cause he wants the body wash out of there. But before we get to that point, hes beating his hands on the side of the tub and screaming at it. Thats one guarenteed way to find him in the house. Go turn on the water in the tub; he comes running. After that, he sits in the floor deciding what to play with, his ring, toliet paper(that he sneaks from somewhere!), or something from the trashcan. When he gets mad cause I only let him have his ring, he walks out crying, quickly coming back to wedge himself between me and the cabinet doors. Now he starts burying his face in my pants leg, still pushing himself in there, and possibly trying to climb up my leg. Now I have to leave the house at 7, and usually about this time I look at the clock to see that it is 6:50 and I just finished my makeup, throw a brush through my hair, pull on my shirt and shoes, grab him and hope that I got his bag together the night before(this occasianlly happens). I still have to hunt my phone, purse, and his bag, wondering if I had changed his diaper cause of course if daddy were to do this, then we would have to have him checked (this NEVER happenes). By now Jesse is just crying in the kithen floor cause I have set him down to find stuff, so I say the heck with it and go to the truck and leave. Backing out of the driveway, I remeber, I have had no breakfast. Do I go to hardees again? Or do I stil have stuff in the freezer at work? I pray I do, cause I am tire of fast food. Thats my morning. Sure cant wait till I can tell him to just go to his room and play for 15 minutes :) I like saturdays, apparently then he can stand to play by himself, and occasianlly run to me for a minuet. Oh well....

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