Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial weekend

Ok, I thought that we were gonna have a wonderful, peaceful weekend fishing on the Louisiana gulf; staying at a camphouse. But when we got there, I was disgusted. A little background. This camphouse is a trailer on stilts, owned by a vietnam buddy of my dads. The caretaker who lives there is 71, and its just him and his large dog; a very well behaved and gentle dog I must add. The front porch is closed in as another room. And when my parents were down last summer, my mom was pleased with teh condition.

We got there about 3 am saturday. My parents, me and Matt, and Jesse. The front porch where we would be sleeping was completley crowded with junk and mosquitoes. The dogs bowls were laying in the middle of the floor with food scattered everywhere and a good size pocket knife laying on the side of a box. The dog was laying on the couch inside, not unexpected. I tried to get Jesse back to sleep inside, but one side of the couch smells strongly of the dog and the other side is just sour. There is stuff piled everywhere and the floor is in bad need of being swept. My dad took Jesse to one of the back rooms where he finally got him asleep.

Now, when we woke up that morning, I saw what I didnt see at 3 am. The stuff piled everywhere is pots and dishes, some clean, some far from it. Caned food and mason jars lining the walls. Bags of rotten potatoes and other...stuff, and boxes of food on a shelf. Cans and bottles covering the counter. A pot of mystery stuff steadily growing mold on the stove. Mouse droppings on the hood over the stove, and of all places, the bed that my dad and Jesse had slept in. Now I really wanted to gag, after removing myself and my 14 month old son who wants to explore everything. I told my mom if it were not rude, and wouldnt embarass my dad, I would pack up and find a hotel. Unfortunatly they were atleast 30 minutes away. Now give me some credit. Jesse and I did sleep in that bed saturday night, but I shook out the sheets and laid some of my blankets down for us to lay on. I can see Leanne and Michelle just shaking their heads here and wondering what the hell I was thinking. Where do I go? I would seriously think that a man expecting company, and bringing a toddler, would pick up SOME!! I need to hush, lord knows who reads this.

Anyway, who can relax? All Jesse heard from us all weekend was "NO NO" to everything. When we got home and Jesse got up monday morning, I just let him pull out everything. I figured he had heard "no" enough for one weekend. Matt got up later and just paused in the doorway looking at the pile of blankets and toys in the living room floor. Jesse saw him and walked to him with a grin on his face. Matt couldnt help but laugh. Needles to say, if I think of going back to the coast, Jesse wont be going.

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  1. It doesnt matter how far away the hotel was and how embarassed my dad would have been...I woul dhave had to leave! Or maybe atleast asked for a tent! It had to be cleaner, right??