Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a Saturday!

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning! Why? Cause we went yard sale hoppin this morning!! Jesse stayed with my parents last night cause my dad offered to stay with him that morning. I got to my parents at 5:30 and he was wide awake...5:30. We all went. And man did I find some stuff! I was after the rocker glider advertised at a yard sale in Sherwood Forest. First clue that this will likley be in good condition! What did I find? A white rocker glider with blue padding and a matching rocking ottoman. Perfect condition for how old it was. The lady had 2-3 kids in middle school, said she had it with all of them when they were babies. I took it within five minutes, $65. I think that was pretty good! Then a little tikes picnic table for $5 and a two seater stroller for Lisa for $15. Those two need cleaning BAD, but for that much!! I still think they could have at least removed the leaves from the stroller and the old smashed berries from the picnic tabe before setting it out!!

I got Jesse a set of wooden blocks today. I dont know why I didnt get them earlier! I messed with him and started putting them in the bag. He looked at me like "what are you doing? I was playing with those." He immediatly picked them up and started tossing them across the room, hitting my coffee table with them, and hitting them toghether. He really likes throwing stuff right now. But Matt and I both had gotten in the floor with him at different times to play with his blocks. Matt built a big pyrimad with them and it was all he could do to keep Jesse from knocking them down. He would look at them from afar, grin real big and come running at them. Matt held his hand up to stop him while he kept building it and Jesse was leaning into Matts hand stretching his arms out trying to knock over all his blocks! We were both laughing so hard, Matt just let him have them. He grabed the top block, thought about it, then bear huged the whole stack! He loves them. We will just see how long before they are really thrown across the room. Thats when they will be taken away. Well, I am gonna go relax now. Jesses been in bed and I've had a headache most the afternoon. Bye for now!

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