Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

Well, I actually had a nice peaceful weekend. Friday night we went to Paps Place in Ackerman for a birthday party. Keep in mind that Matt HATES Paps. The food is ok, its always crowded, you have to fight to get in, get to the food, and then get to the register. Not usually the best place to try and take a baby and all those bags. But some people swear by that place. They love it! I don't understand it. But we went. We got home at 8:30 that night. Jesses bedtime is 8:00. I tell you, that boy was tired! When Matt got him out of his car seat, asleep, he went and sat down on the couch. I came and got him a few minutes later to get him ready for bed. I went to change his diaper and get him in his pj's, and he never woke up. He opened his eyes for a minute and wined when I took his shirt off, but in less than 5 minutes, he was in bed asleep. That baby was tired!

Saturday I had to work. That sucked. But it wasn't that bad. My mom took Jesse, and the morning flew by. Nice how it does that when you stay busy. But when I got off, I went to pick up Jesse, and I found him passed out cold on the couch with my dad, who also was out cold. Now that was a priceless sight! Yes I got a picture. Its on my phone and I will try and get it on here. Thankfully I was able to get him home and in his bed without waking him completely. He slept for two hours. Now that was a nice nap! When I went to check on him, he was up, had his mobile going, and had pulled off all of the plastic covers from the railing...again! I put those on there so he wouldn't chew up the railing. Well, he chewed up the sideboards of his crib, teeth marks everywhere. The plastic covers he just pulls off and tosses them around the room. It was cute though. I stepped in and could see him standing in his bed crouched down at his knees, watching me with his head down. I walked in and bent to the side to see him at his level, then stood up and looked down at him. That boy had his head facing straight ahead and looked up at me for a second, then grinned and threw his arms up for me to pick him up. Apparently he was ready to get out of bed!

We went to Wal Mart and bought some more fish, ours ate himself to death. Went to sonic for me a late lunch, then to Cellular South for a memory card for my new phone. That's where the tantrums started. Of course it rained half the weekend, so we couldn't go outside to play. I set him down while I spoke to the lady about cards, cause who wants to hold a wiggling 27 pound boy? He took off. The front of the store is all glass windows, and he really loves to go outside. He stands at the doors beating his hands on them, looking at me, hollering "ahhh, ahhhh". Every time I pick him up he bends all the way over so I have to set him down before he falls out of my arms. So he's down again to take of on an adventure of Cellular South. I grab him running behind the counter, he lays back over in my arms. Then when I grab his had to try and make him come with me, he does it again. But this time, before I can catch him, he falls back and hits that thick head of his. Imagine that. My son hit his head, again. I am surprised there's no brain damage. So here I am in Cellular South with my son who wants nothing but to go outside and play, or explore the store, and he's crying, loudly, in my arms cause he hit his head. We went home to put the fish away, then went to Kroger for groceries. Thankfully he calmed down. So I thought. At least he wasn't crying in Kroger. He was just yelling for da-tee, or just yelling period. He turns around in the buggy playing with the bag of frozen biscuits. He throws his cup in the floor, then goes back to yelling. Guess what? I got a toddler, and he's driving me nuts! But I still love him.

But Sunday was just so laid-back. I wanted to go to church so bad. Matt didn't want to get out in the rain, and it had been thundering alot that morning. Matt let me sleep in and brought Jesse in the room about 7:45 and laid him on top of me hollering "happy mommies day!" How can I not wanna get up to that! I got me a pretty rose bush from Jesse, and Matt. "Jesse" even found someone to come and plant it for me, cause you know if I plant it, I'm not gonna dig deep enough or replace the clay. Then it will die. But I got me a pretty reddish-pink rose bush, that according to Matt will bloom all year long.You gotta like that! We went and ate lunch with my parents and mamaw, then went home for the afternoon, kicked back and relaxed. I loved it! Now, if this week will only go that nice!! Ha, fat chance....

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  1. Glad to hear you had such a nice Mother's day. Welcome to toddlerhood! It's great and horrible all in one sweet little baby smelling critter!